22 July 2006

L&M: Yanzi, Yu Jian

What follows is a very sweet love song, by Yanzi. If you find any mistakes in my annotation (or in the translation, for that matter), please let me know.



tīng jiàn dōng tiān de lí kāi
Wô zài môu nián môu yuè xîng guò lai
Wô xiâng Wô dêng Wô qī dai
Wèi lái què bù néng yīn cǐ ān pái

yīn tiān bàng wân chē chuāng wài
wèi lái yôu yī ge rén zài dêng dài
xiàng zuô xiàng yòu xiàng qiáng kan
ài yāo guâi jî ge wān cái lái

wô yù jiàn shéi huì yôu zên yàng de duì bái
wô dêng de rén tā zài duō yuân de wèi lái
wô tīng jiàn fēng lái zì dì tiê hé rén hâi
wô pái zhe duì ná zhe ài hào mâ pái

Wô wâng qián fēi Fēi guò yi piàn shí jiān hâi
Wô men yê cháng zài ài qíng lî shòu shāng hài
Wô kān zhe lù Mèng de rù kôu yôu diân zhâi
Wô yù jiàn nî shì zuì mêi lì de yì wài

zhōng yǒu yī tiān wǒ de mí de huì jiē kāi


To meet

I hear winter leaving
I am awaking in some year, some month
I think, I wait, I am expecting
But the future can't be prearranged

Cloudy evening outside the car window
In the future, someone is waiting for me
Look to the left, to the right, to the front
How many twists and turns will love take before it comes to me?

What conversations will I have when I meet him?
The person I'm waiting for, how distant is he in the future?
I hear the wind coming from the subway and a crowd of people
I line up, holding the ticket with love's number

I fly, fly across an ocean of time
We are so often hurt by love
I look at the road, the entrance to this dream is a little narrow
Meeting you is the most beautiful accident

There will come the day when I find the solution to the riddle

Keywords: Yanzi, Stefanie Sun, Sun Yan Zi, Yu Jian, To meet,孙燕姿-- 遇见, lyrics, pinyin, characters and translation.


hnh said...

Preciosa y con música sencilla para los que les guste aprender chino cantando.

un saludo.

kuki said...

Pues no me había planteado familiarizarme con el chino a través de la música, pero me ha gustado la idea. Gracias!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It should be ài de hào mâ pái. But thank you very much for this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for adding so many songs! Wow, my chinese song knowledge has been enhanced. ^^ I'm an american born chinese so I don't really know a lot and am curious, so thanks for the songs!

Aorijia said...

Thanks a lot everybody for your comments and corrections!!

Kuki, a mí me funciona :-)

HNH, ya te vi cantando la canción. La verdad es que es muy bonita.

Anonymous said...

Um, the last one, where it says 谜底, that's wrong. it's 谜 ti. but you'll have to check the character since my computer can't write them u__u;. And your zhe's is.. in traditional chinese? while the rest is in simplified. ^^;

Anonymous said...

I was born in China, raised in Panama, now living in Canada, but not speaking a word a chinese (mandarin). Thanks for this beautiful song...that gives me the motivation to learn my own language!

Aorijia said...

You're very welcome!

I really appreciate that you take the time to correct my mistakes. My Chinese has still a LOT to improve, so your help is always very useful for me.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee :3 My chinese sucks too. XD I was raised in North America but I can speak chinese quite fluently. Uh.. I have problem with reading though ^^.

Taiwankid said...

Well, I speak Maderin fluently but I can't read or write very well. Just so you know, I'm Taiwanese American, meaning I was born in America but my parents are from Taiwan. Your blog says a lot about China but what about Taiwan? Just because it's not as big as China (it's a tinyish island near China's eastern coast) doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in Taiwan, but your blog says NOTHING about Taiwan at all. Could you please add a bit of Taiwan in your blog, because we Taiwanese watch these music vids all the time, but feel like we don't exist to the majority of the Chinese karaoke population. Thanks! Also, could you use traditional chinese maybe? It's easier to understand. Uh...oh! And also, why don't you have any vids of Fairy tale (Tong Hua)?

Aorijia said...

Hi Taiwankid, thanks for your comment. If you have a look around this page, you'll see that most of the groups/singers featured here are in fact from Taiwan. This blog is not about any country, but about music I like which happens to be in Mandarin (or Cantonese). All the dramas featured are also from Taiwan. The music industry in Taiwan is huge and vastly known in other Chinese speaking countries.

However, I use only the simplified characters in most of my entries because it's the writing I study.

Tong Hua was posted in 2006, August the 14th. Have a look here: http://chinat0wn.blogspot.com/2006/08/lm-michael-wong-tong-hua.html

Thanks for your visit! Greetings from Spain, a tiny country in South Western Europe ;-)

K-chan said...

Thank you so much for the lyrics and translation! I made an English Version to Yu Jian with your translation (: Thanks so much! Wo ai zhe shou ge!

lynn said...

Thank you so much for posting this song. Along with it's translation!! I have loved this song for so long. =))

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