07 March 2006

Thesis/Shanghai Birch/Spam

Warning: Pointless entry.

  • I've finished my thesis and it kicks asses! Yay!

  • My blog in Blogcult is down, along with the host. They were kind enough to leave w/o saying a word.

However, all through my life on this planet I have learnt not to trust the others, and much less if they offer things for free, which is why I saved all the stuff I had on Shanghai Birch. Most of it is cybernetic rubbish and deserves oblivion, anyway.

  • I have received an email:
Subj: Your help is greatly appreciated

First, I thought they would offer be a great deal with a bank account full of bucks in Nigeria. But they didn't:

Date: 6 Mar
From: XXXX
I've just visited your blog and I truly appreciate it. It gives very valuable information on China. Since I'm very interested in China and the Chinese language, I'll visit your blog from time to time. I've recently made a website dedicated to the beautiful Chinese language. I would appreciate if you can visit my website and add a link to it in your blog's links section. I would like also to have your feedback on my website. As a person with deep knowledge of China, your feedback will allow me to improve my website.
My website : www.mxxxanxxxt.com
A sample link I suggest : Chinese-English dictionary
or better in HTML :
Chinese-English dictionary
I appreciate your help. Thank you.

XaXXarXn Xlaxnxt

In my experience as a former Spammer, this is clearly a case of an ass-licking serial email to get a backlink from my humble and scarcely visited site.

Look at the "As a person with deep knowledge of China...". I feel everything but identified with that statement. It was clearly addressed to someone with deep knoweledge of China, and they haven't even changed it to better suit me.

Will I be wicked or good willed?


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