19 March 2006

WARNING: This blog is GAY

Dear Tai:

Thanks for your wise criticism.

I already learnt of the possibility for bloggers to be taken for gays. What I didn't know is that the very blogs we write manifest sexual tendencies.

I might as well make a very clear warning for any possible visitor. DON'T EXPECT A MACHO BLOG. Tai has spoken:

Oh, so gay!

This blog is gay, 同性恋, mariposón, homo!!

Coming to think of it, what is it in a blog that makes it a gay blog, and not a lesbian blog, or nechrophilic? Does it come from using terms such as Nourish/ Delicate? Is it because of the clear phallic elements in the main picture (the chopsticks)?

Can the two chopsticks over the bowl on a broken surface, be an overt reference to onanism?

Anyway... Those of you who think a blog's gayness might get contangious, please get out of this blog, the gayest in the galaxy, preferably by clicking on the adds to the left.

(Thanks to Sinosplice, as always, for the pinyin tip.)


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