24 April 2006

Rainie Yang: Ideal lover

This girl is Rainie Yang (杨丞琳), and she might teach you mandarin, NEVER ballet!

>Have a look at the lyrics!

Snatched from Learn Chinese Thru Music, and hosted by Imageshack

Rainie Yang, Li xiang Qing Ren, 杨丞琳, 理想情人 lyrics (characters, pinyin and translation)

Site problems :´´-(

I know, I know... The look of the site is uglier than usual.

In the middle, of these last Blogger problems, half of my template dissappeared in the Cyberspace's void. I still don't know how.

I'm having to renew many things, so there will be heaps of errors and odd things in the page. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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