02 August 2006

L&M: Beyond, The Glorious Years

How do you like Cantonese?

I know, I know... This page is supposed to be about Mandarin. However, as a karaoke lover, I have had to listen time and time again to this wonderful song by Beyond. I really enjoy it, and have always adored the sound of Cantonese.

Beyond's singer died in 1993, at the age of 31. Thus, the song is already a classic, as far as I have noticed.

So here it goes:

光辉岁月 /// 光輝歲月

gwong1 fai1 seui1 yut6

The Glorious Years

...by Beyond

jung1 sing1 heung2 hei2 gwai1 ga1 dik1seun3 hou6

joi6 ta1 sang1 meng6 leui5 fong2 fat1 dai2 dim2 hei1 heui1

hak1 sik1 gei1 fu1 kap1 ta1dik1 yi3 yi6

si6 yat1 sang1 fung6 hin3 fu1 sik1 dau3 jang1 jung1

The clock chimes the signal for returning home,
It brings to his life a note of sigh!
The meaning given him thru his dark skin
Is devotion of his whole life to a struggle of skin colors.

nin4 yut6 ba2 yung2 yau5 bin3 jou6 sat1 heui3
pei4 gyun6 dik1 seung1 ngan5 dai2 jeuk3 kei4 mong6

The years have changed possession into loss.
The weary eyes are showing expectation.

gam1 tin1 ji2 yau5 chan4 lau4 dik1 keui1 hok3
ying4 jip3 gwong1 fai1 seui3 yut6
fung1 yu5 jung1 pou5 gan2 ji6 yau4
yat1 sang1 ging1 gwo3 pong4 wong4 dik1jang6 jat3
ji6 seun3 ho2 goi2 bin3 mei6 loi4
man6 seui4 yau6 nang4 jou6 dou3

Today only the injured body still remains
To welcome the glorious years
To hold tight to freedom amidst wind and rain.
Thru faltering struggle in this life,
He believes he can change the future.
May I ask who else can accomplish this?

ho2 fau2 bat1 fan1 fu1 sik1 dik1 gai3 han6
願這土地裡 不分你我高低
yun6 je5 tou2 dei6 leui5 bat1 fan1 nei5 ngo5 gou1 dai1
ban1 fan1 sik1 choi2 sim2 cheut1 dik1 mei5 lai6
是因它沒有 分開每種色彩
si6 yan1 ta1 mut6 yau5 fan1 hoi1 mui5 jung2 sik1 choi2

Could we make no distinction of skin colors?
Wish everyone could share everything and be treated equally in this land!
A profuse variety of colors emits a sparkling beauty
Because it makes no distinction of each color.

Hope you like it!

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