13 February 2006

L: Olive tree

Hello (^_^)!

I am replacing the old *GIF* format of these lyrics, for a printer friendly format. Well, the truth is, it’s all Imageshack commands.

Right now, you can either get the gif format lyrics in this link, or come back in a few days for the text version.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you!


According to ZF "Olive Tree" (橄榄树, Ganlanshu) is the typical song sung by dozens of artists. The first version I listened to was performed by Chyi Yu (she made quite a cheese out of the song, but I must confess I liked it).

It's easy, repetitive, and the lyrics are quite simple. Perfect to begin with, ain't it?

橄榄树, Ganlanshu


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