09 April 2006

CG&Ct: Jay Chou's Mercedes Benz.

Sometimes, odd things happen to Jay Chou (Zhou Jie Lun).

For instance,
if you're above 18 you could take your time and try to read the t-shirt he was wearing at a performance:

STOP READING IF YOU'RE TOO YOUNG:  I like it spread on your pussy,too.I like it when people lick it off.I like it when they're desperate for the very last drop, you got some? Have you tried it on your   pussy? Lick it up * pussy. Spread your legs bitch,spread them wide, I wanna lick it off.

I guess his female viewers were very, veeeery nervous that day. However, today's post is not about his inviting shirt, but about some other odd thing that happened to him not so long ago.

I snatched the following text from jaycn.com. I found it so funny, I just have to post it here.

NOTE: The literal translation is provided along with the pinyin transcription, whereas a more understandable translation is given separately. Any mistakes, just let me know.

Difficulty: *****
Short, but intense (like his t-shirt)

周杰伦昨日凌晨台北市襄 阳 土地银行大楼拍摄广告,

Yesterday morning, at Taipei’s Shi Xiang Yang Street’s Tu Di Bank, Jay Chou was shooting a commercial,

>>What happened to Jay Chou? Continue reading


Chou, in order to match with the old buildings in the spot, brought along one of his antique Mercedes Benz.


Unfortunately, the old car decided to break down.

周杰伦 尴尬
在车 上,大家

In the end, a most embarrassed Jay Chou ended up sitting in the car while the others on the set almost died, so tired they got, after pushing the car from behind in order to complete the shoot.


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