15 December 2005

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From time to time I might post some of the tools I use to learn Chinese.
  1. One of my favourites is music.Listening to Chinese music is a good way of learning, though it has the drawback of disguising the tones. Right now I have a comprehensive archive of music and lyrics (in Chinese simplified and traditional characters, pinyin and the translation). From mumbling Jay Chou to Teresa Teng.

  2. No matter what communicative linguists say: I love lists. I make lists of vocabulary and grammar summaries. I have tons of them, what do I want them for? I'll share them... with time.

  3. Normally I will offer the pinyin, along with the characters. I think, though, that the one gets used to the RAW CHARACTERS (and memorize them) the better.

-Somehow, I feel a bit lazy right now to offer the rudiments of Mandarin, and how tones work, and how characters have to be written... I'd like to, but for the moment I'm posting what is useful for me. If you want basic Chinese, use God-gle.

-You can EMAIL ME and ask me something(s)*. In case I do not know the answer, I'll ask ZF and pretend I knew it.

*However, don't ask me how to write your name in Chinese, or about a tatoo you want done. That's a waste of time. I'll tell you more: don't do it, unless you know what you're doing. You don't want to run around with something equivalent to "Vagina" tatooed in your arm, do you?

-If you are VERY interested in the issue, there are many pages better than this one in the links section.


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I am actually using music to learn Chinese. Find Teresa Teng to be a good start, as it is clear and simple (and repetitive). Hope you post the lyrics (Chinese, Pinyin, English translation? soon!)


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