18 March 2008

Learn Chinese pinyin in 6 minutes

Just have a look at this video:


(Direct link)


Nguyen Truong Tho said...

Hi, This video is really helpful :D. Thx so much :)). 谢谢 :D. Can you give some similar videos for helping us how to remember the way to "draw" Chinese letter :D

Aorijia said...

Hi! I am still looking for a GOOD one; one that offers the basics of how Chinese characters must be done, the strokes, and so on. The ones I have seen in Youtube are based either on "See me doing this character", or calligraphy masters :-)

I might do one myself if I can't find any.

Thank you for your feedback!

Nguyen Truong Tho said...

Great! Looking forward for it ^^. Thx a lot :D

Anonymous said...

This is good, quick and 'punchy' - and free music thrown in! xiexie. kllrchrd

dhd said...
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