15 April 2009

Blog activity paused for a while...

Well, you may have noticed that nothing has been going on in this blog for a while. Very important things have taken place in my life...

little foot

(The foot of my "very important thing")

I have to devote my time to her... See you all in a while.


Michael said...

Big congratulations to you guys. You'll have to learn the "little piggie" rhyme soon haha. Nice blog.

Daniel Chen said...

Congratulations for the baby!
I just discovered your blog and I love it!
I would like to see a "Chinese oldies special" or "Chinese covers of Western songs special" which are my favorite genres, if those can be called genres at all ^_^
I propose songs like 天涯歌女 from 周璇 for the first one and titles like 我的心裡只有你 or 給我一個吻 for the second one.
Just a suggestion ' U '
Love your blog!


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